Good to know

In preparation for this year’s “FAB in the New Year” kickoff, we’ve compiled a list of items we thought would be helpful.
1) How does the Challenge work?
– Meetings: we meet every 2nd Sunday of the month for 5 weeks during the event. We workout together and then have a workshop with a speaker helping us focus in on an area of our lives where we could use some encouragement.
– Goals: At the start, you will choose 3 areas of wellness that you’d like to give more attention to.
– Points: You can earn points by doing activities that get closer to your goal, closer to yourself or closer to other women. You’ll report your points in our simple online form each week.
– Prizes: We’re all about the incentives! Your name will go into our lottery every week that you report effort made towards your goals. The harder you work towards your goal, the greater your chance to win the grand prize at the conclusion of the event!
2) What should I bring?
– Each workout and meeting is a little different. Generally you’ll want to bring:
  • comfy workout clothes with athletic shoes
  • a water bottle
  • a yoga mat (this isn’t always necessary but never a bad idea to have with you)
  • some cash or credit if you might like to purchase some FABwear (totally optional) or grab a coffee with a friend afterwards
3) What should I expect at the first meeting?
  • register with us online (save time and email us at with the subject line “FAB in the New Year”)
  • get to the event about 10-15 min early
  • bring cash/check/card for $25 for your registration (unless you prepaid) and some extra money for FABwear – optional purchase, of course, but we anticipate selling out so if you are interested, be an early worm

We’ll start with a workout, take a few minutes to introduce the program and ourselves and spend a few minutes getting to know each other.

4) Can I bring my fab children?
– We love the littles (and have a gaggle of them ourselves!) but FFF is about women connecting as women so we ask that you leave the kiddos at home.

5) How long do the meetings last?
– Meetings will go from 9:00 am – 11:00 am. We respect your time, so it will be important to us to start and end on time. HOWEVER, we will leave time after the session for questions and more connecting with us and your friends!

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