Hiking Yoga


A peaceful yogi morning

Hello There!

I’m writing to you this afternoon from the comfort of my bed. It’s been a lovely but crazy weekend and I’m feeling the effects! Add to that my mama and sister sleeping over (which always means a late night and LOTS of giggling and wine drinking) with some “spring forward” and you end up with a very tired Tanya come Sunday afternoon!

This morning, a few of our FFF lady-crew joined me for Hiking Yoga in Berkeley. What a fun idea! We met our instructor at an entrance to UC Berkeley at 9am. We walked (mostly UPhill!) for a while. But this wasn’t your average “walk” through the neighborhood. We got to urban trek through parts of Berkeley I’ve never seen, including a series of hidden stairways. We’re walking along a sideway and boom, the car lanes disappear and a pedestrian staircase takes over, winding it’s way through a beautifully landscaped garden. After walking for about 5 minutes and passing through a plaza that looked like it came out of 1600s England, we stopped for our first yoga station. 


my lady crew

The yoga was light with a series of deep breaths with arms overhead followed by forward folds. After some more awesome twists and turns through the hills, our second yoga station was held in the center of what felt like 3 houses’ backyards. This stop included some warrior poses and a little back stretching twists. 

Overall, I felt so grateful to get to start my Sunday with a beautiful trek through the hills. I’ve always thought I’d seen most of the magnificence of the Bay Area (since I’ve lived in nearly every corner!). But this morning, I learned that that simply isn’t true. Our region is choc-a-block with architectural grandeur, landscaped goodness and breathtaking views. If you haven’t yet tried a Hiking Yoga adventure, I highly recommend it! Check them out at http://www.hikingyoga.com/ and be sure to tell them Fun Fabulous Fierce sent you!


These lucky folks have an expansive view that includes the Bay Bridge, the entire city and the Golden Gate Bridge. All that view AND a golf-course-like lawn? Seems like an awesome place to call home.

Missing my Lady Crew

Today Tina and I met for a while to talk about the future of FFF. We’ve got some HUGE plans that we can’t wait to share with you. Here’s a not-so-subtle hint…weekend retreat, anyone?!?

Stay with us because it’s going to be epic! It’s only going to be more and more awesome from here. 

And speaking of awesome, are you joining us for Hiking Yoga this Sunday? If you haven’t yet signed up, check out our Events page for deets. You may already know that I’m a HUGE nerd and I love architecture. Combine that with a few of my other loves like, YOGA, my FFF lady-crew and giggling with my mom and sister and you’ve got the recipe for Tanya’s most awesome Sunday morning ever. Sadly Tina won’t be with us but I’m certain we’ll rock it so hard she’ll be sad she chose a measly weekend in Tahoe over us. 🙂