What We’re About

Fun Fabulous Fierce was started by us (we’re the hams at the bottom of the photo), a couple of Mt. Diablo Mothers’ Club alumni members who met in January, 2013 at a club Bunco party. We talked family, extra curriculars, fitness… then one thing lead to another and soon we were furiously scratching down our digits on a piece of paper before they could tell us that the party was over 20 min ago. Shortly after our initial introductions we were meeting up for jogging dates (with our mini-me’s in strollers). On one particular  jogging date Tanya shared with me, Tina, her vision of creating a wellness challenge for women that supported their need for physical, mental and emotional support as well as the need for “gal time”…oh and by the way, killer prizes were a MUST! She then asked me what I thought. I replied by saying these simple words, “I want to kiss your lips!” (that was followed by, “I hope that doesn’t creep you out!”…I mean, we’d just met. ;))

Not too long after that we began planning our first big event, the 8-week Women’s Wellness Challenge (renamed the Team FAB Challenge) which launched September of 2013. Our goal was to have 50 people register. When there was a line out the door to register at our launch party, we were completely floored! Since then we have gone on to create a 12-Week “Journey to Wellness” Challenge, FAB Champion team (our amazing ambassadors), Champion led Summer workout program, and the 1st Annual FAB Camp, an outdoor weekend wellness retreat…and this is just the beginning!

We are passionate about supporting  the women of our community who’s self confidence, self acceptance and self love is compromised by unrealistic and unacceptable social “norms”. We strive to provide empowerment, education, and support by creating programs that encourage women to be and love themselves. We are guided by what we dub “The 9 Elements of Wholeness”, PRECH FFF, Sistah! (that’s right, the “a” is missing and there’s an intentional “h” at the end…for emphasis, you know.)

The 9 Elements of Wholeness:

  • Personal growth
  • Romance
  • Environment
  • Career
  • Health/fitness
  • Finances
  • Friends/family
  • Fun/recreation
  • Spirituality

Fun Fabulous Fierce strives to give females permission to take care of themselves, to live a life with no regrets, and to let their inner bad-ass shine!



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