Drink More Water?

Today is January 27, which means we are almost 4 weeks into our new year’s resolutions. How are they coming? Have you cleaned out your garage yet? Are your finances looking fab? Yeah, maybe you’re not quite all the way there. The most important thing is that you are mindful, present and trying for baby steps.

As most of you already know, I’m on the tail-end of a Whole 30 Program. If you’ve ever considered an elimination diet, I highly recommend the Whole 30. It doesn’t cost anything, the whole program is online and free. If you choose to sign up for the program’s 30 days of emails (which I also recommend), you won’t be sorry. (At the time of this writing, I paid $14.95 for 30 days of supportive emails.) The book written by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig, the program founders is called “It Starts With Food.” The book is an excellent overview of why many of the foods in our SAD (Standard American Diet) make us sick and keep us hungry for more.

The Whole 30 wasn’t exactly a resolution for me, it was more like a challenge. I really wanted to know how foods like dairy products, soy, beans in general, grains, etc. effect my body. My family medical history reads like a rap sheet, including high blood pressure, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease and many other life threatening “lifestyle” conditions. Diabetes is the one that worries me the most as I had GD (gestational diabetes) when I was pregnant with my first child. My doctors warned me that that version of diabetes should be viewed as a wake-up call because the incidence of type II diabetes in women who once suffered from GD is much higher than the general population (up to 74%).

So I’m a huge advocate of this program and am considering a long term Paleo lifestyle.

In the meantime, what has all of that got to do with WATER?

Well, even if drinking more water hasn’t been one of your resolutions up to now, I’d like you to consider adding it your personal challenge list. The benefits of drinking water are nearly endless:

  • Our bodies are made from 60-70% water. Keeping those fluid levels up means more of you working at top capacity!
  • Want to lose weight? (Who doesn’t, right?!?) Water can help you manage cravings. Try a big glass of water if you’re craving something you may later regret. It may fill you up and help distract you away from the craving. Before your meal, drink some water to help you feel full before you go powering into your meal.
  • Working out? Obviously, you get dehydrated (sweat!). Your muscles will thank you for the hydrating boost as well!
  • Feeling a little constipated? You guessed it! Drink more water to get your colon and its contents moving in the right direction.
  • Got zits? I hate those. Your skin loves hydrating nourishment too!

So drink up!

WAIT!?!?! You say??!?!? You’re tired of water. It’s essentially the only thing you drink and you’re ready for something new? Or, it’s January and you’re feeling more like enjoying a warm beverage?

Well, I’m right there with you. I LOVE coffee but I only drink decaf because caffeine turns me into a shaky psycho mess! But I’ve been learning recently that decaffeinated coffee is easily as bad, if not WORSE than the leaded stuff.

Well, much like generations of human beings before me…I’m drinking tea. I love herbal tea. So, with the word “treat” somewhat banned from my vocabulary (at least in terms of sweet, food treats), I’m soaking in some of my water through warm mugs of herbal goodness. Today I decided to TREAT myself with a new tea infuser, a cute new tea kettle and a couple of new flavors.

So go! Go find your herbal tea nirvana. Boil it, steep it, pour it and sip it. I promise you won’t be sorry!


I bought myself from Wildberry Hibiscus loose herbal tea, a cast iron tea kettle, an adorable “Teacher’s Pet” nerdy owl shaped silicone tea infuser and a I brewed up some bright red deliciousness.

What’s your favorite flavor?

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