T&T 2015 – Dynomite!

image (5)

Tina and I just spent the weekend focused on the future of Fun Fabulous Fierce. Long story short? We’re on FIRE!

After 2 days of soul searching, hard work and a lot of giggles, we have a ton of new ideas and we can’t wait to share them with you.

Since FFF’s very first day, we’ve been profoundly inspired by each of you, the women who have chosen to invest your precious ‘you-time’ with us. It’s neither a secret nor a surprise to us that this is our privilege. As busy mothers, we’re both aware of how little time there is left in our own lives for us, so we know what it means for you to do something special for YOU!

So what’s our next direction all about? You guessed it! It’s about digging even deeper into you. More intimacy, more raw honesty, more fearlessness, more putting yourself first, more you doing YOU and more you LOVING YOU.

Every day I hear my little girl say, “I am strong and brave and girl power!” Let’s join her. Let’s harness your strength, my strength and the abundant strength that we share within our beautiful community of FFF ladies.

You are a FORCE! We want to help you rock the best version of yourself.


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