Guest Post – BQStrong & Heather Von St. James

I was asked to blog about a woman I’d never met before and now I feel like she’s an old friend. Check out my ‘guest’ post here and let’s all be grateful for bad-asses like Heather who can kick cancer ass!


Reinvigorated Running

I fell in love yesterday! With Girls On The Run. Thank you Esmeralda and Rebekah!!

Read more on bqstrong below. xoxo, Tanya

Spectrum Strong

If I’m being honest, I’ve been pretty disinclined to run lately. I’m sure once I list the reasons, they’ll sound like excuses to you and to me, but the fact remains that I just haven’t been feeling it.

1. Surgery: On Oct. 29, I had another bladder surgery. (If you missed the deets on the first one and want to learn more about mid-urethral sling and/or you’re a woman wondering how to stop peeing while you run, click here.)

2. Thanksgiving: Yes, I realize those events were a month apart but that doesn’t stop me from using Turkey Day as a reason not to run. Once we decided not to do the local Turkey Trots, I just didn’t have much in me to get out there.

3. Rain: We’re in a massive multi-year drought here in California. While it’s a frightening situation, it’s also been a little tough to…

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