An FFF Story

One of our amazing fierce-force ladies sent us this story today. She’s asked for it to remain anonymous, which I respect. In fact, one thing I love about anonymous stories is that you can so easily apply the words to yourself. Empathetically, it’s easy to imagine yourself or any other woman you know in these words because I believe we all feel them. Here’s to the point being no point…cheers to defining your story each day, in each hour, in each moment. Here’s to our anon contributor!

As I’m cleaning up and going through old things, I find myself thinking a lot about my story. I agree we all have one but which one do I want to tell and share with others? Is it the “Yeah, I’m a child of divorced parents, too”? Or is it the “I live in constant fear of failure”? Perhaps, it is really just the story of a broken girl becoming a whole woman?

Hesitant and quite honestly afraid to pick one theme to elaborate on…after all, who wants to read another “oh woe’s me” story? I don’t. I don’t write that to be cruel or ill-hearted. I write it to remind myself of how far I have actually come and of how much further I still have yet to travel. I write it to remind myself to be positive for positivity is often an elusive demeanor to maintain. I write it to remind myself that it is okay to be these people:

The Past Me

The Current Me

The Future Me

The Past Me was the partier as evidenced by the many pictures of me out partying. J You know, the ones I don’t want my dear husband to find. The ones I keep hidden away in an unmarked box. Buried at the bottom. Waaaaayyyyyy at the bottom. It isn’t that he doesn’t know that part of me. Well, okay it actually is that he doesn’t really know that part of me. It is that, I’ve always believed it isn’t about who you were – it is who you are today – your actions today that truly define who you are: Today. And ever since we started dating, I’ve been a different person. A better person.

The Current Me is a mom. And a wife. Balancing those two identities is something akin to walking a seesaw back and forth many times a day.

The Future Me is still a mom. Still a wife. But hopefully more of a friend, a kindred spirit, a hot MILF (yeah, I wrote it. Who doesn’t want to feel wanted, desired, sexy? We all do, and if you don’t you just haven’t admitted it.).

It is a constant battle each day to be just “okay”. Most days are best and all days are better when I’ve had enough sleep! Something I never thought would be so hard to find once children come in to the picture.

So there you have it, or you don’t. I guess if I had a point to make, it would be that my point is no-point. It is constantly being written and re-written. Each day is a blank page of a story with an opportunity to start fresh and allow positivity to envelop you.


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