Dance Boogie & Understanding Dudes


This morning’s meeting was extremely cool!

We literally kicked off by learning some incredible dance moves from Cara at Funkmode Dance Company. Cara’s energy was infectious and her dance moves were unreal. I’m certain we only saw a teensy weensy bit of her capabilities, but from what I saw, she’s…err, well she’s my DANCER CRUSH!

In addition to a super fun warmup, Cara also took us through a mini routine choreographed to Izzy Azalea’s “Bounce.” As she pointed out, it’s pretty much impossible not to shake it to that song! That said, Cara was incredibly positive, supportive and encouraging. Her disarming charm coupled with her bright smile and HAIR brought a special energy to our morning. I think we all started out a little anxious about our hip hop dance abilities. By the time Cara got us going, our cares were checked at the door and we danced with abandon!

Please check out her classes – whether or not you end up on “So You Think You Can Dance,” you’ll definitely come away more comfortable moving your body and likely with a refreshed respect for dancers (as if we didn’t already appreciate how awesome it is to appreciate GREAT DANCE!).

As Cara packed up her kickin’ sound system, FFF friend and PAX Programs Educator, Susan Jensen shared with us on the topic of Understanding Men. Like you, I love the men in my life VERY much, but I would be lying not to admit that there are times when I feel like I have NO idea where they’re coming from! If you’ve ever wondered how your man has the GALL to walk over the same dirty socks throughout an entire day without picking them up or stared blankly as your guy grabs his keys for his 5th trip to Home Depot in order to complete the SAME project, you will LOVE Susan’s workshop.

Susan’s gentle approach and sweet nature drew me in, but I was truly hooked when she talked to us about the “Transition Time” most men require in order to move from one project to the next. In my case, my children and I generally pounce on my husband the second he walks in the door from his 12 hour work day, which includes at least 3 hours of commute time (between his own car, a corporate shuttle and/or the BART train). We’re so excited to see him, we can’t contain our enthusiasm for his arrival! Still, sometimes (read: daily!) I can tell we’re a bit much for him.

I want my husband to be as happy in our life as I am. I don’t ever want him to feel overwhelmed with the prospect of coming home – that sounds simply awful to me. So I’m going to read more of PAX’s website: I’m going to look into the books they offer and I may even spend a weekend at one of their “Queen’s Code” workshops. I love my husband so much and I want to be on the side of his happiness as well!

What about you? When’s the last time you shook some bootie or cut a rug with wild abandon? Are there aspects of your communication with the opposite sex that you wouldn’t mind refreshing? Tell us about it in the comments! We love to hear from you.


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