Vino & Vinyasa!

Last night, we had the extraordinary pleasure of enjoying Kathe Oster at Yogaworks Walnut Creek for a yoga fundamentals class. Because it was Friday night, Kathe treated our FFF lady-crew to a relaxing yoga session, which included some foundational instruction I’d never experienced. The thing is that I’ve done quite a lot of yoga. But even in the “Level 1 / 2” classes I’ve attended, I’ve always felt like my practice is just beginning and everyone else’s is well underway.

I came across this quote recently and believe it applies really well to how I felt at last night's yoga class.

I came across this quote recently and believe it applies really well to how I felt at last night’s yoga class.

Kathe took her time explaining proper positioning, alignment and BREATHING. She guided us through many breathing exercises while gently taking us through a series of asanas (yoga poses) including sun salutations and warriors. Kathe didn’t rush at all but took the time to guide us through each series with patient instruction, giving endless cues about form to prevent injury. I felt so empowered in her class! Understanding so many of the subtleties and deep knowledge of the asanas that many classes or instructors presume each student already knows made me feel capable of any pose Kathe suggested. While we didn’t do anything “crazy” (e.g. headstands!), I left last night’s class feeling not only refreshed but powerful and able to challenge myself to a yoga practice based on a strong foundation. At one point, it occurred to me that we normally like to snap photos during our events to give you an idea of how much fun you missed. But, when I thought of pulling out the camera, I changed my mind. All the focus, power and deep body awareness those ladies harnessed would have been lost the moment I pointed the lens their way. While capturing memories is awesome, it just would not have been the right thing to do in that moment. Thank you Kathe for a lovely class! Check out Yogaworks Walnut Creek.

After the class, we had some food and wine and got to catch up. I brought along Pumpkin Hummus and Pumpkin / Kale / Sausage Pasta. It was pretty yummy digs!

Have you ever tried yoga? Did you ever feel intimidated in a fitness class? Share your experiences in the comments!


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