Who Wouldn’t Love a HIKE?

I don’t know about you but a morning spent in the fresh air, tromping through the hills and chatting with girlfriends is just about as good as it gets in my book. That’s exactly what we all got Sunday morning when FFF hit Briones Regional Park for a hike.

Normally, we like for our meetings to follow this formula:

  1. Catchup
  2. Workout
  3. Guest Speaker

While that routine works incredibly well for us, we noticed once we got to the end of last year’s challenge that we hadn’t had enough time in any meetings for you amazing ladies to connect and get to know one another. That is the reason why we decided to scrap the formula and spend our second meeting of this year’s challenge with a challenging hike so that we could all spend a lovely morning getting to know one another.

And we could not have possibly picked a more beautiful morning!


Getting started, we sort of naturally fell into a few groups. By that I mean that I naturally fell to the back because I was HUFFING and PUFFING up the hill.


Just look at that view…that’s why you have to hike UP the hill because the top is where you get the beautiful vista payoff.


And thanks to our beginning autumnal season, the moon is still doing some cool mid-day acts. The moon looks like a speck in this shot but looked like a giant honey crisp apple when I snapped that picture.


These two party ladies hustled themselves up the hill. They were afraid they’d missed the group, having arrived a few minutes after we took off. I was amazed that they were able to join us at all after partying the night before until 1:30am! Woot!


That moon again. I always feel like I’m getting a special gift when I can see the moon and the sun at the same time.


I’m sure that “real” photographers know how to make those little dots in the foreground disappear but I actually think it’s really neat to see how the camera handles the sunshine. Our Northern California autumn hasn’t given us much “fall” yet but these clear skies and golden tones are pretty spectacular…and who’s going to complain about 85 degrees in October?


Check her out…POWERING up that hill!


Mt. Diablo looks like a little hill from up there!

DSC_0120 DSC_0122 DSC_0123 DSC_0124

We LOVE being with all of you beautiful ladies. Thank you all for joining us and for bringing a little extra sunshine to our gorgeous morning!


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