Let The Challenge Begin!

This past Sunday marked the first day in our 2nd Annual Partner FAB Challenge. Yay!

The excitement started at about 8:35 am, when we were informed that the room we thought we had booked was in fact, not ours for the taking, starting at 9:25 am (our meetings run from 9 am – 10:30 am). Sooooooo, we immediately got to brainstromin’ and as fate would have it, it was GORGEOUS outside, so an outdoor event was had.

imagejpeg_0 (1)imagejpeg_0

While we left the event feeling a bit disappointed that it didn’t start off as smoothly as we had hoped, what transpired in the days to follow renewed our faith that what we are doing is far bigger and greater than any scheduling snafu. What we experienced was a gush of girl power – a sharing of personal stories, women in the group connecting with invitations to get together and move, chat, connect, support for us from you, the very women WE strive to support.

These nuggets, these treasures that are created despite what Tanya and I might dub as the “epic fail” to the start of this event, are what prove to us that we are doing meaningful work and that we have found a group of incredible women who get what we are about and who hunger for much of the same that we crave – more “YOU” time, more girl time, opportunities to focus on what you need more of in your life, connection…and let’s not forget, fun!

We are so excited to share the next 7+ weeks with you and hope you know what a gift you are to our lives. We can only hope to deliver to you what you have already delivered to us.




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