Linda’s Story

Linda is a beautiful light in FFF. She’s always full of smiles and positive energy – we’re so lucky to get to spend time with her. I think we can all relate to her story and to what she learned about taking care of herself.
Here is my story…I fell in love at 18 to this wonderful handsome man whom is my husband, we have been married for 34 years.  He has been my soul mate, lover, and greatest support to who I am today.  This is my life lesson into learning about balance.  After 2 children and about 7 years of marriage I did not feel good about who I was.   Yes, I was about 62 pounds over weight.  I joined Weight Watchers and starting walking everyday.  Mando encouraged me along the way, also I went into counseling because I truly thought I lost my identity.  I was only mom to Nicole and Miguel, wife to Mando…where did LINDA go?  I started to find my inner soul and love of life again!  I was gaining strength.  Walking and talking with my lady councilor was a great tool.  Little by little LINDA was coming back, and happier.  When my mind, body, and soul were truly mine again I was never going back to my old ways.  Saying no to people, friends, my children, and doing it in a nice way made me realize that it is OK.  Life does go on and good things happen.  I have been on this journey since 1988 and I love who I am now.  My past helped shape the wonderful happy and lucky woman I am today.  I am truly blessed for my family and friends.  I am so rich at heart and that’s all I need in life.  
This is the first time I have actually written this down.  It feels good in a weird way.  I have enjoyed the FFF so much, thank you for starting this wonderful wellness program for us ladies.

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