Jessica’s Story

Now that our second Fun Fabulous Fierce Journey to Wellness (J2W) is underway, we’re excited to highlight the stories of some of our lady-crew. Jessica has been with us since the beginning and we’re thrilled to share her story with you!

This year I’ll hit my third decade and I am looking forward to it!  Ambition has driven my entire life; my mother used to joke that I was “2 going on 20”.  I started my first career as a veterinary technician at 16.  I moved out on my own the day before I turned 19 and have been actively supporting myself and going to school since.  The year 2012 was remarkably lucky for me: my husband and I welcomed our daughter into the world on 3/2/12 and I graduated with my Bachelor’s of Science in Biochemistry.  I was lucky enough to finish school and raise my daughter in her first year of life and now appreciate stay at home mom’s even as I return to work as a research chemist.  Finding B-A-L-A-N-C-E is my biggest goal for 2014 as I have always had the go, go, go mentality and I am not interested in another go, go, go, DROP year. 


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