Hatching a Plan

I woke up this morning to an unfamiliar chiming sound. I figured it was Tina’s cell phone. Then I remembered that we don’t get phone service up here. The sound was a wind chime, tink-tink-tinking to the rhythm of the Pacific wind.

Tina, Mac, Jon and I are at “The Sea Ranch.” It’s a breathtaking development of 1980’s Contemporary Salt Box style homes and a resort on the North Coast of California. Officially we’re in Sonoma County but we’re a good 2-3 hours away from any of the usual wine country haunts for which Sonoma County is famous. It is cold here. All year long.


The view from our living room…just before sunrise

Right now, because it is December and most of the country is under the strange influence of an “Arctic blast,” it is truly freezing. Our usual “winter” temps of 50-60s have been replaced by 20-40s and we’re all bundled up like we belong in Maine.

The Sea Ranch is on a 10-mile long stretch of coast. If you’ve never been up here, it’s a part of the world you simply must visit to understand. There are sea lions arfing, waves crushing the rocky, mangled shore and sparse groves of wind-beaten cypress trees. The stark other-worldly landscape is abruptly interrupted by the endless Pacific ocean.

This place is rugged, rocky, harsh and majestic.



We came here to escape the usual distractions and talk about the future of Fun Fabulous Fierce. We want to build something amazing for women based on the 8-week challenge experience we completed earlier this fall. FFF is far from over, in fact we have hardly even begun.

Inspired by the ocean, sheltered from the cold and warmed by the fire, we are hatching a plan that we hope will inspire you too.

Without revealing too much, here’s a tidbit…

Fun Fabulous Fierce is a community, empowering women to love themselves.

We believe this is the start of something extraordinary. Stick around and let us know if you agree!


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