Save Gas…”Run” (or Walk) your Errands!

As a runner, I often hear friends tell me they’re not “into” running. It’s boring, it hurts, it’s hard and it takes too much time. Well, here I am refuting all of those issues.

1) It’s boring. Plug in your headphones! I really love dance/electronic music – especially for running. I listen to free podcasts that I download from the iTunes store (I’m sure there are similar things available via Android, etc.). My 3 favorites are: Podrunner, Cadence Revolution and Motion Traxx. All free – all fun. Electronica not your thing? There are free podcasts on all kinds of topics…music, politics, NPR, SEX (hubba bubba!). There is definitely something out there to keep your boredom at bay for a few minutes. I love the music because my body gets in sync with the rhythm and my mind can check out.

2/3) It’s hurt/It’s hard. Uh, what ISN’T? There isn’t much worth doing that isn’t “hard” – is there? Running hurts for newbies because your body isn’t used to it. Start slow. Run to the end of your block and walk back. Run to the mailbox and walk back. My sister is on a running team that does versions of 2-1, 2-2, 3-1, etc. That means that they run for 2 minutes and walk for 1, then repeat. As you get more comfortable with running, expand the running interval. This is a great workout, it’s great for your body and you won’t believe how quickly the miles can tick off. That goes for the HARD part too. It’s hard, but so is life, so why not breathe some fresh air while you experience it?

4) It’s takes too much time. Yeah, this is a tough one. I’m a morning person, but NOT an early morning person so I’ve always hated it when people suggest getting up early as the answer to fitting a workout into a busy schedule. This works for lots of folks, but not me. What I like to do is “run” my errands. My children both go to preschool 1.5 miles from our home. A few days a week, I put them and their backpacks in the double jogger stroller and I run them down to school (I often leave the stroller there and get it after school so I can continue my run unencumbered). Sometimes I only drop off one child so I use the second seat for my groceries. Sometimes I throw our dry cleaning in the lower shopping basket. This allows me to kill multiple birds with one outing…one run. Not a parent? Don’t have a jogger stroller? You’re not off the hook! Strap on your backpack with the waist belt (it’s there for a reason – to keep your backpack from bouncing while you RUN!). Backpack too heavy after you pick up a carton of milk…no worries – just WALK home. Walking is awesome for your body (maybe better than running – I’m not an expert!) and it’s very low impact. Walking doesn’t require any special equipment and everyone knows how to do it, right?

Fair weather or cloudy, you can get out and move yourself.

Do you integrate exercise into your daily routine?


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