Happiest Lady Ever!

I’m truly the happiest lady ever. My life is freaking awesome thanks to my amazing husband, gorgeous children and wonderful community. But, Sunday was a dream come true (I know I’ve already covered that topic but this was another one!). Tina and I hoped to register 25-50 people for Fun Fabulous Fierce’s inaugural wellness challenge in Walnut Creek. When we hit 60, we were near tears. On Sunday, our final registered number was 79. It’s still climbing. Isn’t that AMAZING?!?

We could hardly believe it! Your enthusiasm for what we’re doing matches ours…that is so fulfilling. 

All we want to do is create a tribe of women who support one another. Working out, listening to speakers and winning prizes just makes it all even more fun (and makes the reason for leaving hubs with the kiddos more legit). The MOST important part, for us, is seeing the connections you’re building. She and I are so fortunate to have found each other – at JUST the right moment in our lives. We hope our FFF Lady Crew is doing the same thing right now. You seem to be and we’re ELATED. 

Now let’s get LOUD! Share your thoughts with us on our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/funfabulousfierce or leave us a comment below. We want to hear from you! Whether you’re registered and joining us weekly or following us from Timbuktu, we want to hear about how connecting with YOUR lady-crew is making your life fuller, richer and more awesome. SHOUT IT!


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