Intentionally Busy

I haven’t written a blog post in a bit because I haven’t really had much to say or I haven’t given myself enough free space to think about it. But it hit me today…I miss writing and reaching out to all of you.

Things have been usually busy lately. That’s right, I said, “usually busy” because “unusually busy” doesn’t exist in my life. I’m exactly as busy as I want/need/strive to be. I intentionally keep my life running at a super high intensity because I love it that way. I know I love the drama, but I also can’t stand to be bored. My kids have the usual kiddo style activities and that keeps us all busy but I also keep myself busy – intentionally.

While it’s given me even more to do, working on Fun-Fabulous-Fierce has been such a fun experience for me so far. Reaching out to sponsors, inviting women I meet to attend and promoting the event EVERYWHERE I go gives me an awesome reason to connect with the people around me and I love feeling connected to our awesome community.

Today was my 5 year old son’s first soccer game (of his whole life). His little team played pretty well, kind of fumbling around the field and knocking the ball out. It was so cute I couldn’t stop smiling. I beamed with pride sitting on my picnic blanket watching my little boy. I started chatting with a mom who’s little boy is also on our team and almost forgot to mention the challenge to her. Then I remembered! Whew! I told her about it and we’ll hopefully see her with us starting in a few weeks.

The point is that I need Fun-Fabulous-Fierce as much as I believe we all do. In my opinion and personal experience, connecting with other women is central to women finding presence and connecting with themselves.

Check back next week – we’ll soon have an event calendar prepared. You’ll get to see some of the fruits of our work on this event. I know you’ll LOVE it. Either way, we’ll all get to know each other and that is the prize about which I’m most excited.

How busy are you?


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