Tina and I have been working our bums off to get this challenge off the ground! So far, we’ve got the support of the Mt Diablo Moms Club, Sports Basement, Yogaworks, Hair Candy on Main. They’re giving us SWAG bags, food and tons of COOL PRIZES. Check out our How it works page to learn more.

As you know, the idea of the Fun-Fabulous-Fierce challenge is for all of us to become “Triple Threats” by getting together, having fun and achieving our goals. We’ll have fun workouts, meet new friends, listen to some awesome wellness presentations and reconnect with ourselves. Working out and being with other women is what keeps me centered. How about you?

In case this all seems a little daunting and you’re not sure you’re truly a Triple Threat (or ready to commit), check out our Ease Your Mind page…we’ll assuage all your fears.

Are you ready to JOIN US? If so, follow us on Facebook, or email to sign up RIGHT NOW!


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